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Clients talk about The Evalusite Report
Skilken Properties, Barbara Bernstein
(The potential tenant) was definitely impressed that we had done it. She thought it was pretty neat that we had gone out and prepared this Report for them ahead of time. This big-box tenant signed the lease.

Donahue Schriber, Chris Elliott
Overall I thought it was a good comparison. It showed our center well vs. the other sites (the potential tenant) was looking at. It was definitely worth the effort; we really appreciated it.

Campanelli Companies, Jon Campanelli
The Report was well done and the map was very helpful, especially for my marketplace. Of course I found the data and current information to be very very precise, compact, and easy to find in one Report. Iíve used it in many ways; the EvaluSite Report has helped me make quite a few deals.

Dowling Company, Everett Dowling
We were very happy with our experience. The retailers were impressed that we had done our homework ahead of time and had done this research. Without the Reports, they probably wouldnít have realized how well our site works for them. They hadnít seriously considered opening in this area before, but the Reports helped show them why they should meet with us. And it paved the way for much smoother negotiations.

Coldwell Banker Commercial, Rick Quattrini
Site Analytics provides perspectives as a selling and listing tool, in addition to the most important function: helping the buyer make educated decisions.

Saul Centers, Brenda Legg
It went really well! It could not have gone better. (The potential tenant saw the EvaluSite Report), walked down to her office, and pulled out a sales report. She took a glance at sales for the comparables you had selected, and the ones that rated at the top of your list consistently had the higher sales. So it really gave us a lot of confidence in your numbers. It worked out great.

The Mills Corporation, Bob Steiner
When I sat down with (the potential tenant to show them the Report), I think they got a better view of what the site was all about, based on the comparison to their other stores. Itís one thing for a leasing department to say ĎYou have population of X and household income of Y.í We all do that. But, when you compare it, and you see that this site lays out really closely to the others theyíve picked before, it becomes simple. The EvaluSite Report does a very good job with that. And itís created by a 3rd party, so that adds further credibility to the Report. Plus, I believe the tenants genuinely appreciate when you do your homework.

Bryant Development, James Aries
This shopping center is in an area which has a certain stigma attached to it, which may or may not be justified. I think those types of areas are really able to benefit from a package like this, where you have to re-educate or destigmatize a certain market. In this case, the market clearly bottomed out 3-5 years ago, and now thereís only upside. A lot of retailers donít necessarily understand that. I think itís one thing for me to call and glorify the market, but what (Site Analytics does) is put it into a form thatís persuasive and not emotional. The Report definitely enabled us to legitimize that location.

The Mills Corporation, Schuyler Brown
The EvaluSite Report helped us convince a potential tenant that the demographics at our sites are not just comparable to their existing real estate, but are actually even stronger. We were pleased with the report, which strengthened our case and made for a very persuasive argument.

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